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Auto Repair &  Maintenance Specializing in Transmission 

Wrights complete Automotive L.L.C


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At Wright's Complete Automotive your truck or cars maintenance is just as important to us as it is to you. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We have been in the Automotive Repair business for over 30 years and counting and we have learned a lot along the way. The Auto Repair industry is constantly evolving but one thing has always remained the same, your satisfaction.

Without you the customer, we don't exist. That's one of the many reasons we at Wright's Complete Automotive strive to do our very best to treat you as fair as possible. Auto repair is not getting any easier, we are constantly discovering new ways to build things and that means that we the auto mechanic and business owners have to be willing to learn and grow along with it.

Auto Repair has become a science. Throughout the year we receive way to much information about updates and recalls and changes to maintenance requirements. All of this information is way too much to remember so we have to belong to different online sites so we can reference the information when needed. However we also go to seminars and get e-mail notifications to changes. The Auto Repair of twenty years ago is long gone. I Matthew Wright, the owner of Wright's Complete Automotive remember those fantastically simpler days.

I had the ability to keep most of all the information in my head that was needed back then. However today I know that is not possible. So old cars or new one's, at Wright's Complete Automotive we've got you covered.

Auto Repair is what we do when maintenance is not enough. However it has been our experience that when your automobile is properly maintained the repairs are lots fewer and further in between. So, maintenance is one of the primary keys to having less repairs. At Wright's Complete Automotive we have all of your manufacturer's suggested maintenance requirement's no matter what year make or model you have.

So, all we have to do is properly maintain your vehicle, be honest, offer fair prices, do it the "WRIGHT" way the first time, but most of all show you the customer the utmost in respect. And we achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction every time.

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